Discretion and transparency

Single entry bookkeeping

Single entry bookkeeping together with professional business consulting is our basic offered service for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our clients are considered experts and skilled professionals in their fields of business. They are aware of the fact that survives in today’s fierce competitive markets require their full attention and constant development of their business. That is why they need a partner who can handle the rest. We offer full financial service package to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Basic activities within single entry bookkeeping include:

  • administration and formal check of accounting documents
  • money day book
  • banking book
  • petty cash book
  • books of receivables and payables
  • records of tangible and intangible assets
  • VAT registration
  • preparation and processing of VAT returns
  • preparation and processing of income tax returns
  • preparation and processing of motor vehicle tax, real estate tax and other local taxes
  • preparation of financial statements
  • ordinary and ad-hoc reporting required by legal entities and client
  • statistical reporting
  • accounting consulting