Discretion and transparency

Payroll services

Due to its complexity, payroll services are one of the most demanding services from our clients and yet very challenging to deliver in a right manner. We are fully capable to cover full range of payroll services for SME as well as large companies. Our primary goal is to make our clients internal processes more effective and overly efficient by taking care of such a complex, constantly changing and very demanding area as payroll management certainly is.

Basic payroll management activities include:

  • complete payroll processing for employees working under employment contract and agreement on work performance
  • registration and deregistration for health and social security insurance
  • annual accounts of the dependent activity tax
  • annual and quarterly reviews of the dependent activity tax
  • mandatory reports and statements preparation for employment income tax
  • annual billing of advances on employment income tax
  • annual billing of health insurance contributions
  • all necessary legal activities assigned to payroll administration